1Password extension is finally available for Microsoft Edge


Now you do not have to customise do with LastPass on Microsoft Edge anymore if you found 1Password more familiar. Microsoft Edge revealed an extension named as  “Password manager” is now available on Windows 10 after previewing this feature for so long.

According to a post on the company’s forum, this extension was approved by Redmond on October 3rd and it took time to make a space in Microsoft Store.

Similarly like other browsers, this feature is displayed as an icon somewhere on the top right corner of Microsoft Edge.

The main purpose of this extension is to save your existing passwords and credit card info so that it can be able to auto-fill forms and it is also capable of auto-generating and suggesting complex and unique passwords for each application and website to users.

Microsoft said, users, will have to install 1Password for Windows 6.7+ before you can be able to use this extension. After this, then you only need is to download it on your computer.