Zong provide awesome call packages to consumers of company. We complied this post in order to provide all details including subscription charges, how to subscribe and timing of Zong call packages the details of following call packages are include in this post:

  • Zong Hourly Call Packages
  • Zong Daily Call Packages
  • Zong Weekly Call Packages
  • Zong Monthly Call Packages

company’s main focus is Internet they are offering a lot of 3G and 4G internet packages to customers so also check Zong Internet Packages – Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

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Zong Flutter Package

With Zong Flutter call package you can avail 90 free minutes, 100 SMS in just Rs. 6/day+tax.

  • 90 free minutes
  • 100 SMS
  • 1 free Out Going Off-Net minute on 3 In Coming Off-Net minutes
  • Flutter Lounge
  • Call Block Service
  • Women specific gifts every month up to 500,000 through Lucky Draw

Flutter Package

Details of zong flutter call package are mentioned below:

Zong to Zong Rs. 1.6/minute + tax (per minute pulse)
Zong to other network Rs. 1.6/minute + tax (per minute pulse)
SMS to any network Rs. 0.8/SMS + tax
Happy Hour Rs. 5 + tax per hour daily (flexible hours) only for one hour
Zong Friends & Family Numbers 5 dynamic numbers (usage based) OR top 5 F&F from existing list in case of migrations
Zong Friends & Family Rate Rs. 0.35/minute + tax
MMS Rs. 3/300KB
Mobile Internet Rs. 10/MB

Call setup fee of Rs. 0.10+Tax is applicable.

Zong Daily Call Package

Zong Perfect Package

Zong perfect call package (Zong 24 hour/daily Call package) is the innovative campaign and value offer for Zong customers, consumers who avail this package can make Free on net calls except 7pm-10pm which means they can make free on net calls for 21 hours by paying only Rs. 12+tax there all other bonuses included in this package check the details below:

All Together Bundle Promotions

  • Free on net call except 7pm-10pm
  • 500 FREE SMS
  • 100 FREE MMS
  • 5 MB Mobile Internet
  • Bundle price: Rs 12+tax daily

How to Activate

  • Dial *717# to subscribe or
  • Send SUB or a blank SMS to 7171 to subscribe

How to Deactivate

  • To un sub from bundle: send unsub to 7171
Note: Call setup fee of Rs. 0.10+Tax is applicable.

Zong 20

Zong provide Zong 20 it is a prepaid package a user is charged 55 paisa for 20 seconds there are no hidden charges. This package is for both on net and off-net calls, more details are mentioned below:

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Charging Pulse 20 Seconds
Voice: All networks in Pakistan 55 paisa/20 secs
SMS: All networks in Pakistan Rs. 1.30/SMS
MMS: All networks in Pakistan Rs. 3/MMS
Mobile Internet Rs. 18/MB
Unlimited SMS Rs. 2.50/day
Friends and Family Not Applicable
Special offers (e.g. Happy Hour, 8 Aanay, LNO, BTO, Super Free, Unlimited Free) Not Applicable


  • Users can subscribe by sending 'sub' to 931 or dialing 931 IVR
  • Users will be charged 55 Paisas per 20 seconds of airtime used

Zong Economy Package

We promise to provide our customers with the best services and offers that are transparent, simple and miles ahead of competition.

Zong also provide economy package to its consumers by availing this package customers will be charged Rs. 1.6 per minute call on all networks and SMS charges are Rs 1+tax

Nation Wide Tariff

Network Price
Call Rate (All networks) Rs 1.6/min
SMS (All networks) Rs.1+tax
MMS (All networks) Rs. 3.00
Mobile Internet Rs. 10/MB
Unlimited Mobile Internet Rs. 400/month
Unlimited SMS Rs. 3.99/day
Happy Hour Rs. 4.99 per hour
Friends and Family 5 Numbers
ZONG Friends and Family rate 50 Paisas
  • Happy hour needs to be activated by the subscriber; every action/modification will be charged at Rs5
  • Friends and family rate apply for 24 hours, for those customers who have subscribed for happy hour, Friends and Family rates will not be applicable during that hour
  • Happy hour can be modified once everyday
  • All CED and Taxes apply.


Please note that all calls will be automatically disconnected after 59 minutes.
Call setup fee of Rs. 0.10+Tax is applicable.

International Call Package

Zong also provide International call packages in which they charge on 20 second call basis in countries mentioned below:

Charging Unit 20 Seconds Without Tax*
UK (landline) 45 paisa
USA 45 paisa
Canada 45 paisa
Saudi Arabia Rs. 4.5
UAE Rs. 4.5
Iran Rs. 4.5
Kuwait Rs. 4.5
Sri Lanka Rs. 4.5
Russia Rs. 4.5


Countries already included in the Promo

  • UK ( Landline), USA & Canada  { 45ps / 20 sec}
  • UAE, S. Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iran, Sri Lanka & Russia {Rs. 4.5 / 20 secs}
  • Additional countries  : Germany (LL), Ireland(LL), Spain (LL) & China (LL+M) {45PS/ 20 sec}

I hope you liked our list of Zong Call Packages including Hourly, Daily, Weekly and monthly call packages, If we missed something or you want to add new comment below!



    • Buddy Unfortunately There is no Unlimited Bundle, However Company is Offering Following Package on Its 4G Device
      Bundle Bundle Price Bundle Validity
      Monthly 200GB Rs. 6,000 1 Month

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