37,000 Chrome users downloaded a fake Adblock Plus extension

Adblock Plus
Adblock Plus

If you have been using Adblock Plus with Chrome and recently downloaded the extension then you need to check what you have installed on your PC.

Currently, there is fake Adblock Plus extensions have been lived in the official Chrome Web Store after getting verified through a verification process of Google, the fake one is currently mixed with real one in the store.

Google has taken action on this matter after seeing a tweet from SwiftOnSecurity, as long as the company took action it already fooled 37,000 people.

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According to me, it is not a  big problem for a company having more than 10 million users, obviously, it is not good for the users who have downloaded it.

According to SwiftOnSecurtiy, this fake extension was developed by a  “fraudulent developer who clones popular name and spams keywords.” Moreover, it is very hard to tell that it is fake, as its developer used the same name and also having a good number of reviews.

As from one of the fake Adblock’s reviewers,  he was receiving invasive ads that open a lot of tabs after installing it.Regrettably, it is not clear anything else it can do or if it has even more deleterious outcomes about which we still don’t know anything.

Now, we can only suggest you re-install Adblock app if you are witnessing or receiving random ads after installing it.