‘Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’ has a Halloween bash of its own


Halloween has always been a fun time for all gamers. In the current year fans of “Overwatch” receive their 2nd annual seasonal update in two days or so, However, “Call of Duty’s Infinite Warfare” players can now be able to start a month-long event named as “Willard Wyler’s Halloween Scream.”

Four weeks have been scheduled for this event including free supply drops, themed loot, the “Carnage” multiplayer map consisting of double XP along with character skins for providing you more fun.

It will start from October 13th, you can be able to utilize themed boss battles along with latest baddies released recently. Moreover, the company also added a new mode named as “gesture warfare”, through which you can be able to smash your opponent party using hand movements.

Now, players will now be able to see new giveaways and themed loot every week of this month, starting from October 9th. Boos battles will consist of Zombies in Spaceland, Rave in the Redwoods, Shaolin Shuffle, Attack of the Radioactive Thing and “The Beast from Beyond”.

This event has been named after Paul Reubens-voiced antagonist from zombies mode of Infinite Warfare and it will operate from November 1st.

For enjoying all the goodness of the game, users will have to log in into multiplayer and visit Quartermaster. Users will be able to see cosmetic items on weekends only and supply drops can be used during the week.