AnonGhost hacked Istaeli Credit Cards

AnonGhost hacked Israeli credit cards to fund charities

AnonGhost hacktivist group’s leader and founder, Mauritania Attacker, revealed on Tuesday that his team has funded Palestinian charities through stolen Israeli credit cards during...

Google Vietnam Domain Hacked by Lizard Squad

Official website of Google for Vietnam (Google Vietnam) has been hacked and defaced yesterday by the Lizard Squad the same hacking group who shut down...

Website of UAE oldest newspaper Al Ittihad hacked by ISIS hackers

14th Feb, while peoples were celebrating Valentines day; ISIS hacker were busy in hacking and they hacked UAE's oldest Arabic language newspaper known as...
Charlie Hebdo Aftermath:- About 19,000 French websites hacked so far

19,000 French websites hacked against blasphemous contents

As the aftermath of the attack on French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, more than 19,000 French websites have been hacked by some “more or...
Pakistan Cyber Mafia Hackers

Pakistani hackers hacked Gujarat government websites

Pakistan-based hackers, who called themselves 'Pakistan Cyber Mafia Hackers', hacked two Gujarat government websites as well as three other websites yesterday and wrote derogatory...

Zong Pakistan’s Website Gets Hacked

In a rather depressing development, Zong’s official website was hacked and defaced today by a local group of hackers called “Pakistan Haxors Crew”. A webpage on...
official website of Mozilla Corporation in Hungary Hacked by Dr.SHA6H

Dr.SHA6H Hacked official website of Mozilla Corporation in Hungary

Dr.SHA6H the famous Syrian Hacker hacked and defaced the official website of Mozilla Corporation in Hungry under the tag Free Syria. Dr.SHA6H is the same...
Iranian group hacks U.S. Government owned Clarkston City, Georgia website

Ashiyane Digital Security hacks Clarkston City, Georgia website

The notorious Iranian hackers from Ashiyane Digital Security Team have hacked and defaced the official website of United States government City of Clarkston, Georgia. Hackers left a deface page...
Anonymous Pakistan

Anonymous Pakistan hacked Government sites, leak bank records

In the wake of ongoing anti-government protests in Islamabad, a group of hackers calling themselves 'Anonymous Pakistan' temporarily brought down numerous government portals in...

Hacker Hacked Official website of Government of Pakistan

Anonymous hacker from Pakistan manage to hack official website of Government of Pakistan ‘pakistan.gov.pk’ and uploaded deface page in a sub directory. After replacing...

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