Adobe previews its next-gen photo editor

Today in the conference, Adobe has previewed its project named as Project Nimbus, which is a new cloud native, a light room like photo...

Here’s What President Obama Has To Say About Science & Technology

In his recent guest article in the WIRED magazine, US President Barack Obama expressed his deep love for science and technology. He’s the only...
20 best computer science schools in the world

The 20 Best Computer Science Schools in the World

A computer degree from world's top class university can help graduates to get their dream job at tech giants like Microsoft, Google , Apple,...
Highest Paying Engineering Jobs in World

Highest Paying Engineering Jobs in the World

The US produces some of the best engineering talents in the world. And engineers trained in the most in-demand fields can command among the...
apps every every modern gentleman should have on his phone

Apps that every modern gentleman should have on his phone

Your phone is best friend these days you use it for everything like getting more knowledge, sharing things or entertainment. But smartphone can be used...
top richest person in the world 2016

Top 15 richest peoples on earth 2016

The top wealthiest 50 people in the world control a staggering portion of the world economy: $1.46 trillion — more than the annual GDP...
how to get salary you want

5 negotiating tricks to get the salary you deserve in 2016

Negotiating your salary to get the pay you want is a pretty tricky work. To get it done, you need to push without offending...
Best and Top Affordable Web Hosting Pakistan

Top Affordable Web Hosting Companies in Pakistan

It is the end of the 2015 and we are preparing for new year and performance of a year is calculated in last month of...
10 Best Websites to Learn English

Top 10 Websites to Learn English for free

We, humans are the most expressive creature who express their feelings much more than others. We use languages to convey our message to other...
Highest Paying Keywords

The Top Most Expensive Keywords in Google AdWords

Google AdSense is popular and yet easiest way to earn money from blog or website with decent amount of traffic there are several peoples...

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