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Group Video Calling Now Available on Facebook Messenger

Nowadays technology is too advanced so that's why Skype and other social media application are in competition.everyone use Facebook messenger. So that's why Facebook management...

Government requests for Facebook user data up 27 percent in first half of 2016

Today Facebook has published its current clarity report. In which the company briefed that government request for user data for first half of 2016. The...

Instagram reaches another impressive milestone

Two years back, Instagram has almost 300 million active users per month which are in fact a big milestone for a young network. But...

Yahoo Says Hackers Stole Information From More Than 1 Billion Accounts

Yahoo published that Hackers have hacked names, email addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth and encrypted or un-encrypted security questions and answers of more...

Instagram now lets you bookmark photos and videos

As being a part of Facebook, Instagram has been famous globally. According to some people, It is a community where you can monitor the...

Facebook phone rumors resurface with HTC Myst specs

Leaked details of forthcoming HTC Myst appears to affirm news of upcoming Facebook Phone. Specs compassed by Unwired View lineup perfectly with earlier gossips of...

A New Facebook Glitch Is Reposting People’s Random, Old Updates

Facebook users have been reporting a strange bug in the latest videos of Year In Review feature which brings up past digital memories. The only...

YouTube tackles unclaimed music royalties

In an agreement with the US National Music Publishers' Association (NMPA), Youtube will distribute million of dollars in unsigned music royalties in the US. The transaction...
Facebook and LinkedIn

Malware uses Facebook and LinkedIn images to hijack your PC

Your browser doesn't always be used by malware in order to attack your computer. Sometimes social networks can cause the serious problem. Researchers from the...
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Twitter CEO Dorsey has own Twitter account suspended

He is an interesting social media faux pas: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had his own account of Twitter suspended late Tuesday. Dorsey co-founder of Twitter...

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