Google is a search engine -- it scours the web for the best responses to text queries. It was founded in 1998 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Originally, Google used links to determine the importance of webpages, though the service's algorithm has grown in sophistication since then. It is one of the most important search engines in the world and is an invaluable traffic-driver for many sites. Google has expanded into many areas beyond simple web searches, including mapping and directions (Google Maps), video (YouTube), and photos (Picasa). It's also noted for its doodles -- illustrations and interactive art pieces that occasionally adorn the front page of the search engine. In January 2012, Google rolled out "Search plus Your World," which integrated search results from its social media service Google+.


Google says it would cost too much to gather wage gap data

The department of labor will keep bothering Google for the salary records because the tech titan keeps joining the handover. These record can be proved at once...
When is Google's birthday

When Is Google’s Birthday? When Does the Search Engine Celebrate its Birthday

Google's birthday has shifted around for years but is celebrated on September 27, currently. The company founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in...
YouTube Streaming

YouTube Mobile Livestreaming Option Is NOT Available for Everyone Yet

Notes, YouTube Mobile Live streaming Option Is NOT Available for Everyone Yet YouTube’s live streaming feature has been in the news for quite some time....

Google Boasts About Its 2 Billion Active Android Users At I/O 2017

Yesterday Google has conducted its I/O 2017 keynote and company's executives led by CEO Sundar Pichai provided a future map of company's plans in...

Chrome warns you when typing anything into non-secure sites

Google's one of the main quests is to ensure that all websites are using the secure HTTPS protocol, Chrome 62 will flash out more...

Google iOS search now finds streaming movies, music and TV

Now, it is very easy to search for stream contents on your iPhone. On Wednesday, Google announced that its latest update to its search...
Google Introduces New Material Design

Google’s New Material Design Tool Makes Color Preview Easier for Developers

Google's Android Interface got its biggest redesign when its interface changed to a material design by throwing in more colors and enhancing the usability...

Chrome quietly received a big 3D graphics boost

You may have discerned that the 3D web graphics have been boosted when using chrome.Recently, Google has announced that Chrome 56 and its later release...

Google now recommends downloads to trick out your Android homescreen

The major advantage that Android has over iOS is the flexibility and freedom to enable the user to customize the home screen according to...

Google staff have created an iPhone-only app to watch YouTube videos with your friends

As you all may aware of Google's '20 percent time', where the Google allows its employees to spend almost one day in a week...


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