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Govt Starts Ad Campaign Against Defamation & Anti-Islam Remarks on Social Media

It was reported that the government is working to take action against the persons who are being found or involved to deleterious to Prime Minister and his family.

However, the government did not give a detailed explanation of the word “negative propaganda” and this results in the huge reaction on social, print and electronic media.

For warning people, the government has started publishing the ads in print media, so that the people against the some of the activities should stop them, otherwise they will be castigated according to the Pakistani Laws.

Article 19 of the Pakistani Constitution has been quoted in the ads, according to which every person of the country has the freedom of speech including press as well, but also highlighted the parts such as

“subject to any reasonable restrictions imposed by law” for the “glory of Islam”, “integrity, security or defense of Pakistan” or anything that could hurt “friendly relations with foreign states, public order, decency or morality”.

Following are the several laws along with their punishment has been added into the adds:

  • Section 109: Punishment for Abetment is punishable by the same penalty as its offense
  • Section 124-A: Sedition is punishable by life in jail or death
  • Section 153A: Inciting two groups could put you in jail for up to 5 years
  • Section 295-A: To incite people using religious feelings could imprison one for up to 10 years
  • Sections 295B & C: Defilement or derogatory remarks against the Holy Quran or Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is punishable by a life sentence, the death penalty and fine.
  • Sections 298 & 298-A & B: Attempting to harm religious feelings or making derogatory remarks against Holy personalities could put you in jail for three years, fine, or both
  • Sections 500, 501, 504 & 508: To distribute defamatory material or provoke a breach of the peace is punishable by 2 to 5 years in jail and/or fine.
  • Section 11-W: Violation of Anti-terrorism Act 1997 is punishable by up to 5 years in prison and fine
  • Section 11 & 13: Violation of Security of Pakistan Act 1952 can put you in prison for up to three years, fine or both.

It also explains that any violation of the Pakistani Constitutional laws will result in the punishment according to the laws of Pakistan along with the specific fines, imprisonment or both.

The ads were published to answer the remarks of people on the social media about the corruption allegations on PM and his family in the Panama case.

Previously, the government has published the anti-Islamic and derogatory pages, this may be the reason behind publishing these pages.

The main motive behind this is, the government wants to send out a message that the speech freedom exists but under the circumference of Law.


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