How to get ADB and Fastboot utilities without installing the Android SDK

Using ADB and Fastboot can do things like flash an update or factory image to your Nexus or Pixel isn’t that hard. But still using a command line, and possibly making a bit of mess.Google will make it easier.

Install Andriod SDK to your computer or a copy of important tools. Andriod SDK is a big or inconvenient for anyone who is not using it to develop Andriod apps and copy it away from the Googel. These could be out of date, incomplete, or the worst case has the risky stuff added to it and not for a good situation at all.

Google software engineer Elliot Hughes tells that Google is hosting a current version of the Andriod platform tools for Windows, MacOS and Linux as a standalone download. Take the correct file, unzip it anywhere on your computer and ready to run.


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