What is iDroid And What Makes It So Amazing?

iDRIOD Balrd X7
iDRIOD Balrd X7

iDroid is basically USA based mobile computing company. It aims at creating amazing the experiences through mobile computing. It intends to build such technology which is easy to use for the users. iDroid focuses on the needs of the customers that is why it produces smartphones with outstanding features while also balancing the price and quality in such an effective, way.  It never compromises on its quality that’s why its designs get approved from New York for making sure that its customers always get the high-quality iDroid smartphones.

The iDroid users have completely fallen in love with its smartphones! Let’s see what an iDroid user has to say about it:

“It’s a very good phone, as it is dual sim, that’s why I need it. My friend told me about its amazing features and his great experience with iDroid Balr X7, when I intended to buy a new smartphone. I am so glad that I purchased it. My others friends also have iDroid phones. It is very, very popular.”

All the iDroid smartphones have Android as the operating system. As you all know that Android comes with an online software store which is termed as Android Market. This online software offers games, applications widgets for the users. The iDroid recent phones have Android lollipop 5.0 or Android lollipop 5.1. The Android 5.0 has faster, smoother and more powerful computing experience; the notifications are more seeable, approachable and configurable.

iDroid Balr X7 Design

It has redesigned overview space that more versatile and useful for computing tasks simultaneously. It consists of high-performance graphics, powerful audio, enhanced camera, and video. Looking at the specifications of Android Lollipop 5.1, it has enhanced user interface that is clear, creative and simply better. It has an easy setup, increased protection, android smart lock and amplified audio support. The Android 5.1 comprises multi-user, guest mode, and priority mode.

iDroid Balr X7 Software

It’s either Android lollipop 5.0 or android lollipop 5.1; both give you the amazing experience that you simply love to use it!

This is the reason that iDroid uses Android lollipop 5.0 and android 5.1 lollipops in its smartphone sets. What makes iDroid amazing is its USP which is offering high-quality iDroid phones at reasonable prices. The performance of these phones is extravagant as the android lollipop versions are installed in them.

The exciting part for you people is that iDroid is coming to Pakistan to launch its latest smartphone, iDroid Balr X7 with the co-operation of its official partner Yayvo

iDroid Balr X7 Specs

the edible part is that it has fewer price than the other mobile brands in Pakistan with the specifications that are even better than the various smartphones available in the same price range. The iDroid Features include Quad core processor 1.3 GHz, Screen 5.5’’, Front Camera 5MP, Rear Camera 8MP, Gesture Technology, Battery 2800 mAh, Android 5.1 Lollipop, RAM 1 GB, 8 GB ROM, Resolution 1280 x 720, Memory extendable up to 64 GB SD Card, Screen 5.5”, Dimensions 153.8 x 77 x 8.3mm and Weight 85 g.

In other words, iDroid Balr X7 can be explained as the android phone which is light weight, small size, fast built in 100 times the fast memory, cheap and fulfills the requirements for the common public.

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