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These Made in Pakistan e-Bikes are Cheaper than usual Motorcycles

First time ever in Pakistan, Made in Pakistan Electronic Bikes are introduced and they are being produced locally.

Jolta International a firm based in Rawalpindi recently showcased three e-bikes in Gawadar.

The company is launching three variants of the bike in Pakistan, E70, E100 and E125. The E70 model of Jolta will be retailed in Pakistan for an estimated price of Rs. 35,000 as reported by ProPakistani.

The shape is quite similar to that of normal bikes in Pakistan, Jolta claimed these bikes to be environmentally friendly, fuel-free, smoke-free, noiseless and pollution free.

The company said that its e-bikes are highly cost effective and tailored for Pakistani customers.

Here are some additional details about the e-bikes:


  • Charge Time: 5 Hours
  • Travel in one charge: 50KM
  • Electricity cost for one charge: Rs 15 (1.7 units)
  • Top Speed: 50km/hour
  • Price: Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 40,000 (not finalized yet)


  • Charge Time: 6 Hours
  • Travel in one charge: 70KM
  • Electricity cost for one charge: Rs 20 (2.5 units)
  • Top Speed: 60km/hour
  • Price: Not finalized yet


  • Charge Time: 7-8 Hours
  • Travel in one charge: 120KM
  • Electricity cost for one charge: Rs 32 (4 units)
  • Top Speed: 80km/hour
  • Price: Not finalized yet
  • These e-bikes come with motorized engines, i.e. without any piston or fuel emissions.

When will Jolta Bikes Available in Pakistan

Jolta didn’t provide any deadline for the launch date. However, consumers can expect Jolta e-bikes to be in stores within next couple of months.

The company has already secured a deal for delivery of 2,500 e-bikes for Gwadar Free Zone Company to make it a pollution free and emission free region.

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