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Pakistan to Phase Out 2-Year BA, BSc, MA, MSc Degrees: HEC

On March 17, 2017, HEC, Higher Education System announced that the country is planning to phase out the 2-year BA/BSc and 2-year MA/MSc programs from academic years 2018 and 2020.

In a circular sent to all the universities across the country, HEC stated that they have made this decision after the thorough deliberation and decided that no university will offer the 2 years duration degree program for BA, BSc, MA, nd MSc.

According to the HEC, A committee, consisting of the experts from different universities, has been developed which will then develop a mechanism for supporting the current BA/BSc students into 4-year BS programs.

After reviewing the BA/BSc programs of different universities, the committee has planned to introduce a bridging semester for the students to enter the 5th semester of the 4-year program and after that, they will be able to complete their degrees in the remaining time.

If the students want to quit after 2 years he will be awarded the two-year associate degree. HEC also said that there will be no admissions in BA and BSc programs after 2018 and also no admission in MA and MSc program after 2020.

Therefore, for the implementation of the new standards, a notification has been issued to the degree awarding institutions so that the students are not affected by the sudden change and also the universities and the colleges should adopt the scheme slowly.

HEC said that the main reason behind this change is that some of the institutions offer 4-year BS and BSc (Hons) programs, involving 16 years of education while others offer BA, BSc degrees involving 14 years of education.

Similarly, some offers MS/M.Phil and MSc (Hons) involving eighteen years of education while others offer MA, MSc involving 16 years of education. HEC asserted that matter was taken up at a conference of the “commission” and was recognize as a policy.

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