Pakistani Truck Art Being Presented In A US Museum

Pakistani Truck Art
Pakistani Truck Art

Across the globe, Every country has its culture and people who stick to their morals and culture succeed in every field. This is why no matter how the new era of technology has changed lives and how the fashion trend has changed the culture, but coloured trucks are still visible in every part of Pakistan.

The colourful rickshaws and trucks are actually the road rulers and kings of the highways. It is identified as one of the famous and creative art in the beautiful Pakistan. It has gained international recognition, too!

Asheer Akram, an American artist took an action of displaying the art in America. His art will be displayed in Wichita Art Museum that is located in Kansas.

He visited Pakistan and observed the beauty of amazing art seen on the rickshaws, trucks, etc. He decided to promote the fluorescence. Eventually, his idea exhibits the positivity of Pakistan.

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He posted on Facebook about his work,

I am certain about one thing this project and its off shoots are as important today as they were when it first rolled out.

Moreover, he stated:

Not only as a tool for spreading cultural awareness but as a method of opening up a dialog about current events with younger generations. We are thrilled to have her still rolling strong. Fighting #racism and #bigotry since 2013.

Chevrolet grain truck will be used as a first truck for the project. It is coloured with the beautiful splash of colours.

He also posted on a media website saying,

The trucks covered in the new motifs and designs seek to “captivate everyone and inspire them to investigate cultures outside of their everyday surroundings.”

He aims to promote the positive image of Pakistan.

The truck art literally promotes the culture and beauty of Pakistan and we’re proud of it!