Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 beats Apple A9 in Single Core Benchmark

Mobile processor
Mobile processor

Well, 2017 is about to leave, many things have come and gone. This year, the flagship smartphone world has entered in a new dimension. Edge to Edge button free OLED displays is the norm. 10nm processors offer improved power and performance efficiencies.

Prices are sky rocketing, but even though the year has not ended, rumor mill looks ahead. Today, we’ve got the first pair of alleged benchmarks of Snapdragon 845. This processor will follow Qualcomm’s current flagship 835 if the company doesn’t don’t launch another processor with Google Pixel 2 lineup. Here is what you need to know.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 beats Apple A9 in first alleged Benchmark

You might be looking for benchmarks; there is a severe difference between Apple and Android. The cramming as many as cores as it can be on a processor without affecting power draw.

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For years, Apple has led the pack in single core results. The company’s hardware-software integration allows it a lot of leeways when optimizing core specific tasks. This results in single stellar results, with modest multi-core scores. For Android, eight cores in big. Little ensure that it’s unbeaten in multi-core runs.

Snapdragon 845

An old Chinese source claims to have information on Snapdragon 845. This processor is the successor of Qualcomm’s current Snapdragon 835 if the company continues in its current nomenclature scheme, The Snapdragon 845 scores 2600+ in GeeBench4 for single core result. That is a lot given that Apple’s A9 scores around 2500 at its best. It is pretty good news for Android since beating Apple in the single core is not an easy task.

Well Android users shouldn’t be too happy, the A10 Fusion scores 3000+ smoothly, and that is a real benchmark to beat. It is worth mentioning here that Apple will launch 10nm A11 with next week’s iPhone launch.

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