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Toyota to Invest $40 Million to Increase Production Capacity

Indus Motor Company is making considerable changes in its market and production plans after the arrival of International automotive brands in Pakistan.

Toyota to Invest $40 Million to Increase Production Capacity

Just last week, IMC canceled 1300 car bookings after they came to know that these cars were being bought by investors who were willing to sell these vehicles at the commission. The action was taken after the company received complaints, most significant issue faced by customers are extended delivery times.

IMC also announced it would be spending $40 million to expand output of its production units. This will increase its production capacity by 10,000 units annually. For the time being the production stands at 54,800 units.

This move by the IMC will help reduce delivery times, and at the same time, it will increase the company’s production.

Optimizing The Issues

The company is putting emphasis on satisfying customers by optimizing its operations and has been identifying problems in its production to streamline and increase the capacity of its current production units. This process of determining issues and optimization will eventually lead to an increase in size.

It is also rumored that Toyota Indus is planning to discontinue Corolla GLI and XLI models and these will be replaced by Yaris (Vitz) or Vios.

IMC expects to increase its sales as soon as possible since international automobile companies are working on launching their new vehicles in the country very soon.

Among others, Hyundai-Nishat, Kia-Lucky, Volkswagen, and Renault/Nissan are expected to launch their vehicles soon. In the past, Pakistan’s automobile industry has been dominated by three companies; Toyota, Suzuki, and Honda but that is going to change with the arrival these new enterprises.


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