Turn Your Apple Watch Into a Tiny Macintosh Computer While it Charges


Rotate the Apple watch on its side while it’s charging you can put it in night Mode and for that, you can always see the time.

But new Elgato’s W3 stand, of any microscopic alarm clock, your Apple watch becomes a miniature replica of the original Macintosh computer in your table of your sleeping place.

It can make with soft silicone so it can’t scratch for the other version of the Apple watch,  the W3 stand specification is wearable on its side, and cable is pass through the induction charging dock, which you will provide.


This is available in black and white color for just price $14, it’s very necessary for everyone who eats, sleep, and breath anything related to Apple.

But if Apple permission the other party to made, then it will look like a tiny version of MacOS.it’s a very good reason for an applet to test that feature.