Twitter is developing a ‘Save for Later’ bookmarking feature


Although most of the tweets on twitter are a quick read, still most of the users want to save some of them as a good example for more in-depth analysis.

After receiving a lot of requests for a “Save for Later” feature, during its annual Hack Week activities, finally, the company has now started producing Bookmarking tool.

Product Manager of Twitter, Mr. Jesar Shah has advertised the new feature on the platform and provided a quick demo of the prototype they designed at the event.

Currently, the company has decided to reconstruct the “send via DM” icon bottom right side of tweets along with an overflow menu.

That menu will consist of both  “share via DM” and the forthcoming “Add to Bookmark” features, even though the final version may be changed. All those tweets which are being marked as Bookmarked can be viewed using a list in settings.

Mr. Shah also proclaimed that apparently, users can only make do with liking or sending tweets to themselves through DM.

When the feature will be revealed, the users don’t have to do either of those things, whenever the users witness a longer tweet including photos, those that indicate the series’ beginning of a series or those that connect to long pieces to access them in their free time.